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Increase your brain’s processing speed and support mental acuity with NEUPANEX.

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Neupanex is a neurocognitive supplement designed to support brain health.

In scientific terms, Neupanex is a nutraceutical dietary supplement that contains a precise blend of “neuro-nutrients” designed to support the body’s natural process of converting endogenous stem cells into neurons and supporting the connections within the brain. 

In other words, Neupanex uses your brain’s natural resources and capabilities to support and connect neurons for brain health.

Why Neupanex™?

Support Your Brain Health

Neupanex contains ingredients that, individually have been scientifically shown to be both neuro-supportive and neuroregenerative. Which means they support your brain cells and help grow new ones.
This is effective in promoting natural, neurocognitive processes in the brain.

Neuro Nutrients

Neupanex contains a scientifically structured blend of over 17 different antioxidants and nutraceuticals to support cognitive health.
Neupanex’s ingredients are hand-selected by Dr. Lewis Clarke, a physician with over 30 years of clinical and hospital expertise in Rehab and Physical Medicine, as well as a Doctorate in Neuropharmacology and Cell Biology.

Made In the USA from Globally Sourced Ingredients

Neupanex was formulated and developed in Houston, TX, and is always manufactured in the United States using premium ingredients.
We take great pride in producing Neupanex in compliance with FDA’s current good manufacturing practices and regulations.

Benefits Of Neupanex®

Support Healthy brain function

Promote short and long-term memory, attention span, and your brain’s ability to communicate and function with itself.


Help you focus on complex tasks and think more clearly.

How Does Neupanex Help?

Our groundbreaking nutraceutical, Neupanex, is a combination of supplements that help strengthen the brain’s mechanisms and ability to support its natural regenerative process.

Easy as 1,2,3:

How To Take Neupanex®

Our powerful supplement is super easy to take! Simply mix one packet of Neupanex per day in your favorite beverage like water, milk, fruit juice or a smoothie.

The Story Behind Neupanex®

Neupanex® arose out of necessity for Dr. Lewis Clarke during his 30 years of treating strokes, dementia, alzheimers, and various types of traumatic brain injuries in specialty rehabilitation hospitals and his desire to provide nutritional support to help maintain healthy neural function as we age.

His “Neuro-protocol” as it became known, consisted of vitamins, supplements, and nutraceuticals based on his knowledge of neuropharmacology and biochemistry to support the heath of the brain.

Individuals who have used Dr. Clarke’s Neupanex® have benefited from its ingredients to support motor, socialization, and cognitive health.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Neupanex® covered under insurance?

    Most medical plans do not cover dietary supplements but you can check with your insurance company.

  • What is Neupanex®?

    Neupanex® is a proprietary combination of ingredients endogenous (naturally occurring) in the brain and is designed to support brain and cognitive function processes.

  • How does Neupanex® work?

    Neupanex® targets specific places in the brain by:


    *Scavenging free radicals

    *Supporting healthy cells

    *Providing antioxidant support

    *Supporting neuron to neuron communication at the cellular level

    *Promoting growth and development of nervous system tissue

    *Facilitating natural brain function

  • Can I take Neupanex® with other medications?

    The components of Neupanex® are generally safe ingredients and should not interfere with other medications. However, you should consult with your physician prior to using Neupanex®.

  • Are there any side effects with Neupanex®?

    The most common side effects from taking Neupanex® is occasional upset stomach due to the amounts of vitamins and supplements that make up the compound. Some people who have allergies to B Vitamins have reported a rash. Neupanex® does make some people quite sleepy, so we recommend that they take Neupanex® prior to bed.

  • How long does it take Neupanex® to work and what results will I see?

    As with all dietary supplements, it takes time before you will see any benefit from taking the products. We recommend that you try it for at least 30-days.

  • How much does Neupanex® cost?

    We have a 30-day Pack for $199.99. Clarke Bioscience offers discounts for anyone purchasing the 30-day pack using our monthly auto-ship feature for 10% off or buys 2+ more in their order.

  • Why does Neupanex® cost so much?

    Neupanex® contains a highly bio-available and scientifically structured blend of 18 different anti-oxidants, neuro-nutrients, and nutraceuticals. The cost of finding each ingredient and recreating Neupanex would not only increase the buyer’s price by approximately double, but will require swallowing over 30 pills per day. The specific ratios of each ingredient to one another is the most important part of how Neupanex works synergistically with the brain’s biochemistry.

  • Can I replace my current regimen of vitamin supplements with Neupanex®?

    Many supplements and nutraceuticals could be eliminated from your regimen by taking Neupanex®.

  • When should I take Neupanex?

    Our recommendation for maximizing the benefit of Neupanex® is to take it right after you last meal of the day.

    Neupanex contains melatonin, GABA, and Pregnenolone which have been reported to cause mild drowsiness.

    Neupanex also contains CoQ10, Vitamin D & Vitamin K2 which are powerhouse vitamins and supplements that are best absorbed when taken with food.

    For these reasons we suggest you enjoy a glass of Neupanex® at the end of the last meal of your day.

  • “Neupanex is the culmination of my four decades of work and research inside the chemistry of the human brain. Formulated to include natural compounds demonstrated in current scientific publications to support brain health, I believe it is the best neurocognititve supplement for your brain.”

    Dr. Lewis Clarke

    11 reviews for Neupanex® 30-Pack

    1. Eric M

      I began taking Neupanex when I started experiencing forgetfulness and other behavior changes with my mood. I have two brothers who have age-related cognitive health concerns and their wives had witnessed similar changes in their husband’s behaviors. I am in my late 70’s and have been taking Neupanex for 4 years. Both my wife and I believe it has made a big difference in our quality of life. I won’t be without it.

    2. Lori T

      A world of difference! My husband has been taking Neupanex with great success for several years for his brain health. What was most noticeable to me was the difference it made for him in his mood and mental state. I then personally began experiencing my own mood changes. After talking with Dr. Clarke, he recommended I also take Neupanex. Two days later, my mood was elevated and I felt more like myself than I had in years. After a period of time, I began experiencing better recall of words I wanted to use in sentences, as well as other random things that I would not have normally been able to recall. My husband and I now have our Neupanex cocktail hour each night along with a great night of sleep induced by the melatonin in Dr. Clarke’s wonderful supplement!

    3. Sombra W.

      My Mother has been taking Neupanex for nearly 30 days. I have noticed that she has an easier time recalling information that, a few weeks ago, would have taken a lot of coaxing and contextualizing to obtain. Specifically, in assisting her with managing her finances it’s usually difficult for her to remember what checks she has written, to whom and for what purpose. However, most recently I was pleasantly surprised that she could recall with very little prodding to whom she’d written a check, the amount and the service received.

      Moreover, my older sister reported that Mom was able to have an hour-long conversation with her without struggling for words or looping through and repeating the same things over and over, which is usually the case.

      Lastly, my younger sister reported an uptick in Mom’s mood most recently along with better sleeping patterns. Overall, we’re happy to see improvements so quickly and look forward to seeing how continued use will impact our Mom’s quality of life. I’m giving 4 stars for now and will update my review after another month.

    4. Bill B

      I have been a patient of Dr. Clarks for 20 years. He has always been great and a leader in finding new ways to help me improve. Before he developed the Neupanex product I was taking many of the supplements in pill form and had some good results. With Neupanex I have seen a greater improvement in my focus and energy levels and have been able to move to just this supplement eliminating all of those daily pills. It is easy to take, just mix with any liquid the package and drink. I would recommend this product to all that want to feel better mental and physically. It has worked great for me.

    5. William T.

      I’ve been a Neupanex user for over four years. I’ve stopped and started a few times for unrelated reasons, so I can attest to the effects that accompany it’s use. More importantly, my wife is a healthcare professional who independently observes those effects.

      What I notice primarily with Neupanex is a calming effect. I sleep well and my working memory has improved. Irritability is improved as well. More importantly, I’m using Neupanex to support my cognitive health in the future.

    6. Brenda C.

      Amazing – massive improvement in how I feel and my WAVi scan results- THANK YOU

    7. Mike Kula

      The past few years I have been really troubled by my cognitive health due my time in the Army. Short term memory and my vocabulary is where I really noticed the problems. My wife noticed we would have a conversation, agree on something, and I couldn’t recall the conversation, agreement, or would recall it not like we had discussed. This was all documented by video to prove it had taken place, because I thought she was messing with me.
      Some former team mates caught wind of Neupanex. I called and talked to Chris Clarke, he was extremely helpful in answering questions and getting me the answers I needed answered prior to starting Neupanex. Needless to say, starting Neupanex was the best thing I’ve done for myself. Especially in regards to my cognitive abilities.

      After starting, the first thing I noticed was the impact on my sleep. After years of only sleeping a few hours a night, and not feeling rested when I woke up, I began getting 5-6 hours of quality sleep and feeling refreshed in the AM.

      Shortly after I noticed I was in much better control of my emotions, primarily my anger. In addition my mood overall has improved greatly and I’m excited about feeling like me again.

      Next I noticed my short term memory improved, and have been able to recall conversations, events, and numbers I haven’t been able to recall like i used to. As i continue to use Neupanex, the above mentioned things are only getting better.

      My teammates/brothers are reporting nearly identical improvements. With that, its positively affecting home life and relationships.

      For any Vets out there concerned with their neurological health for any reason, I highly recommend NEUPANEX. If your Improvement is half as good as mine, its completely worth it!

      I’m beyond thankful for Dr. Clarke’s formula, because I’m getting my brain back!!!!!

      Eternally grateful!
      Mike Kula

    8. Josh B.

      I originally started taking Neupanex 4 years ago when Dr. Clarke first gave it to my wife. I was starting to show some memory issues with my advanced age so I thought it might be a good idea to get started. I have been a regular user ever since. Since then my daughters will comment if I come off of it, saying that I’m slower to think through problems and that I keep telling the same Dad jokes over and over again. I do notice if I come off of it for a couple of days that I’m not as sharp but it’s hard to tell sometimes since I’m the one taking it.

      My family swears by it and my daughters see the difference so I’m sticking with it.

    9. Brett T

      I was worried about my cognitive health after playing sports my entire life. I tried everything under the moon with no real benefit until I found Dr. Clarke and his Neupanex supplement. When I tried it out I was thinking to myself, “I’ve tried everything else, what do I have to lose.” That decision changed my life. My focus returned, my social anxiety went away and I was able to clearly articulate my thoughts once again. I became a machine. This is all because I stepped outside of the box and tried something that wasn’t pharmaceutically based. I now take it when I feel like I need a “power up,” but for the most part, my cognitive concerns have gone away.

    10. Devaun B.

      A few months ago I began experiencing a serious mental and cognitive exhaustion…about 2 months ago my wife said enough was enough..she told me to see Dr. Clarke and get his opinion…he gladly gave it and informed us about Nuepanex. We were willing to try and are super glad we did. My wife is no longer repeating every conversation, I am less confused, and my children find me more tolerable. I would recommend Nuepanex to anyone who wants to better their brain.

    11. Will shepherd


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