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Help promote healthy, comfortable joints and support bone health with Canine OsteoBLAST™.

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As animal lovers, we know what it’s like to want the best for our pets. Many dog owners want to do everything they can to support bone and joint health in their pet, especially as they age.


That’s why we set out to design a Canine OsteoBLAST™ formula. Made with the highest quality natural ingredients, this blend of vitamins and supplements supports healthy bone, promotes joint comfort and flexibility and more.

Canine OsteoBLAST™ is Designed to:

  • Support strong bones
  • Helps reduce inflammation related to exercising your dog
  • Support healthy, comfortable joints and their cartilage structures, by promoting its cushioning and lubricating qualities
  • Promotes cartilage metabolism for healthy joints
  • Provide important vitamins and supplements for overall skeletal health
  • Helps support bone formation and osteoblast lining

Why Canine OsteoBLAST™?

Support Bone Health

Canine OsteoBLAST™ works efficiently to promote bone and cartilage health as they age.

Promotes Strong Bones

Contains ingredients that support the dog’s natural bone remodeling process.


Healthy Joints

Supports lubricity in cartilage, and promotes comfortable joints.

Made in the USA from Globally-Sourced Ingredients

Canine OsteoBLAST™ was formulated, developed, and tested in Houston, TX and it is always manufactured in the US using premium ingredients.

The Bone Makers

Vitamin D3

  • Stimulates the osteoblast and increases calcium absorption

Vitamin A

  • Promotes calcium absorption, metabolism, and the development of osteoblasts.

Vitamin K2

  • Stimulates and supports cartilage, increasing the amount of lubricated joint fluid produced in your body.

What Happens With
OsteoBLAST™ In Your Body

Vitamin D3 stimulates the osteoblast, turning it into a gooey substance called osteocalcin.

Afterwards, Vitamin D3 combines with vitamin A, K2 and thyroid hormone (not included in OsteoBLAST®) to form what is called a “heterodimer.”

This heterodimer, stimulates the DNA of the osteoblast which begins to pull calcium into the bone matrix of the gooey osteocalcin, solidifying the new bone.

New bone can’t be made without the chemicals, Vitamin A, D, and K2. When these are present in the body, the osteoblast has no choice but to make new, strong bones.

How To Give Canine OsteoBLAST™ To Your Pet:

For Small Sized Dogs

For a 10 pound dog, mix 1/4 scoop in morning food once per day.

For Medium Sized Dogs

For a 25 pound dog, mix 1/2 scoop in morning food once per day.


For Large Sized Dogs

For a 50 pound dog, mix 3/4 scoop in morning food once per day.

For Extra Large Sized Dogs

For a 100 pound dog, mix 1 scoop in morning food once per day.

A Helping Hand For Your Best Friend’s Golden Years

We love our senior dogs, and the special time-tested bond we share with them. That’s why it’s so important to us to see our old friends as happy, healthy and comfortable as they can be!

Canine OsteoBLAST™ is designed to help support your dog’s bone and joint comfort well into their golden years.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Canine OsteoBLAST™ looks like it has higher amounts of certain ingredients than the human version. Why is this?

    Certain ingredients like Vitamin D are important to supplement in higher quantities per pound in dogs because their fur prevents their skin from absorbing Vitamin D from sunlight like humans do.

  • Does Canine OsteoBLAST™ come as a pill or powder?
    Canine OsteoBLAST™ comes as a powder with an included dosing scoop. Depending on the size of the dog, one bottle of Canine OsteoBLAST™ could last as long as 4 months.

  • How often should I give Canine OsteoBLAST™ to my dog?
    One time per day

  • Would you recommend this for general maintenance of my dog’s overall health?
    Absolutely. The vitamins and supplements provided are meant to establish a foundation of health for each dog.

  • My dog is entering his golden years. Will this help him?
    Our customers use OsteoBLAST Canine to help support bone heath and joint comfort in dogs as they age.

  • Does this support ligament health?
    OsteoBLAST Canine is designed to help cartilage, ligaments, and soft tissue to promote optimal joint health in your pet.

  • My dog is well into their senior years. Will this help them stay active?
    The combination of vitamins and supplements that are used in Canine OsteoBLAST™ seem to really help the older dogs due to their bodies not producing these vitamins and supplements as much as they once did.

“Dogs need support for their bones and joints just as humans do. They also benefit from a similar cocktail of vitamins and supplements to help promote strong healthy bones and lubricity of ligaments and cartilage. This is very helpful in helping them maintain their overall health and comfort.”

Dr. Lewis Clarke

12 reviews for Canine OsteoBLAST™

  1. Chris B (verified owner)

    I was told about Canine OsteoBLAST by the staff at Pet Paradise and that it would help with my golden doodle’s mobility issues. Sadie is 8 years old and was starting to show signs of discomfort when she got off the floor and when she got started for the day. It was as if her body needed to warm up. Well, 45 days in and all of that strained movement I was observing before is gone! I’m super thankful for the staff member who told me about it and for Clarke Bioscience making this product. More people need to know about it!

  2. J. Zemski

    I would like to convey my thanks for creating a product that has given our dog new life. Our dog Louise is about 13 years old and has taken some falls. I cut back on walks and would go slower and slower taking more frequent stops to rest. She could only get up on the couch with steps.
    I was at a local grocery store in the cat aisle when myself and 2 other shoppers started talking about what we feed our pets. One lady, who works at an animal rescue, stated that her dog was severely restricted by age-related stiffness and other ailments but after a month on osteoblast it was like a new dog.
    For a few months I had been feeding Louise raw meat with chicken livers and hearts for dinner. There was some improvement. I started adding osteoblast to her breakfast and it was almost a full month before I saw any improvement. Over the next month she continued improve. Now she sprints to the door runs down the street and does a 2 mile walk with only one quick stop and she is keeping a good pace almost the entire distance.
    Again, thanks.

  3. Cori T (verified owner)

    I started giving our Great Pyranese “Ava” osteo blast 6 months ago. She is a totally different dog! Now she enjoys walks and has so much more energy!

  4. Sarah G (verified owner)

    Very pleased! Our dog has more energy after one week! Very pleased.

  5. Sandra L (verified owner)

    We run a Giant breed dog Rescue. We love the canine supplement. We have a 13 yr old , 130 pound Newfoundland and she is doing AWESOME. We also have a two-year-old Great Pyrenees and we started him out immediately upon arrival with your product. We are very impressed

  6. Denise B (verified owner)

    We are so happy with the results we’ve seen in our 4 year old golden retriever, who has really struggled in his later years. Canine Osteoblast helped him get back to himself much sooner than any other OTC vitamins we tried. We are believers in this and will continue to buy it for him!

  7. Karen S (verified owner)

    Since we have been using the Canine OsteoBLAST my 13 year old, 130 pound Newfoundland/Bernese Mountain dog mix is acting like a Puppy again . She is moving better and jogging around like Spring Chicken. We are so impressed we have begun giving it to all our dogs.

  8. Joan E (verified owner)

    It seems to be helping my dog

  9. Leslie T (verified owner)

    My poor Cairn terrier is older and having trouble getting around. Thankfully an acquaintance recommended your product & within a couple of days of taking Osteoblast, she was bouncing around the house..
    Time passed & I thought I had extra container of Osteoblast, & didn’t.
    So until I could get it, I used a high-dose pet supplement w/chondroitin & glucosamine
    -to no avail!
    The OsteoBlast arrived, I sprinkled it on her dinner & by the next morning, she was good to go, & chased a squirrel from “her” yard.
    Whatever the formula, it is truly a miracle!

  10. Gayle H (verified owner)

    My dog Malibu has been taking Osteoblast for over a month now. I can already see a big difference in her level of activity. Even though she is 11 years old, I can take her on 2 mile walks again without her limping the next day.

  11. Judy J

    Great Dane Rescue of Southeast Texas uses Canine Osteoblast for a lot of our Great Danes who come into rescue. Canine Osteoblast helps support the aging dogs, improves their coat, and aids with their ligament discomfort. GDRST sees a response to these issues typically within 10 days. I highly recommend this product for any dog. Our dogs give Canine Osteoblast 5 paws up!

  12. Kristin W.

    My 3 year old Great Dane Greta has shown joint issues with aging. My fellow Great Dane Rescue advocate Judy Jones has been sending me Osteoblast for Greta and I have seen a spring in her step since taking the product❤️

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