Yes, we do. All orders placed with Clarke Bioscience will process and ship from the United States. Clarke Bioscience’ international shipping headquarters is located in Webster, TX.

Shipping Cost & Transit Times:

The shipping cost and transit time of your order will depend on the total weight of your order and is based on the method of shipping used.

Processing Time:

If you have never placed an order with Clarke Bioscience before, your first order may be slightly delayed until we can verify your information. We do this to protect you against fraud and verify that the card being used to place the order is from the actual cardholder. Please know that once you have gone through our initial screening process, subsequent orders are usually much faster to process. Orders typically ship in 1-2 business days (business days are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CST).

Payment Methods:

Pay By Credit or Debit Card

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Pay By Bank Transfer or Wire:

Please contact us for more information.

As Clarke Bioscience is a United States based company, we bill all our customers in U.S. Dollars and allow the customer’s card issuing company to process the conversion. The pricing that we offer in local currency is a close approximate (based on exchange rates at the time of purchase). The card issuing company will then process the transaction from your account utilizing the exchange rate that they are currently offering. That amount may slightly differ from the rate of exchange that we are showing on our site. Your card issuing company may also charge you a conversion fee. Clarke Bioscience is not responsible for these fees.

Customs & Country Regulations:

Shipping vitamins and supplements into your country is regulated. Please know that we do try to adhere to each country’s individual import policies, however, Clarke Bioscience cannot guarantee our import restrictions are completely up to date at all times. While we do our best to make sure that we don’t ship prohibited products, it is up to you to double-check your country’s import policies before ordering.

NOTE: Each country has different laws and regulations about buying products from other countries. As a customer, you are responsible for making sure that buying nutritional supplements from the United States is allowed. Orders that are seized by your local customs cannot be refunded.

Import Taxes/Customs Duties:

Regardless of which carrier is selected, you are always responsible to pay the VAT taxes if it is charged by your local carrier or customs office. Our pricing does not include duties and taxes at the time of shipment and these have NOT been pre-paid. Some customers report that shipping lower weights (below 3 pounds) and lower values usually facilitates the best chance of having the smoothest process with regards to customs. If you have questions regarding how/when duties and taxes are charged, we advise contacting your Customs office directly.

Customs Information:

1. Clarke Bioscience will not be liable for packages refused or held by customs for delivery.

2. Please check with your customs office to see if your country permits the shipment of the products you are planning to order from us and if any additional licenses or permits are needed.

Incorrect Address:

If the shipping address on your order is incorrect, please note that we cannot change the delivery address after an order has been shipped. Please know that we work directly with our shippers to help resolve address issues when possible, but we cannot be held responsible for any delays, fees, or other delivery issues if you’ve made an error in the shipping information on your order. If such an error causes an order to be rejected, lost or destroyed, we cannot issue a refund or replacement of any kind. If the error causes the order to be sent back to us, you may be responsible for return shipping fees and we’ll only be able to refund you for the cost of the merchandise only minus a 15% restocking fee.

Package Loss:

Although it is rare for international orders to get lost or delayed, please be aware that it can happen. Due to the import clearance process in your country and depending on the shipping method used, international orders can take up to 35 business days to clear customs. An international order will not be considered ‘lost’ until 35 business days from the date of shipment. We are unable to process claims until 35 business days period has passed. In the event your order has been lost, you must contact our customer support department at [email protected] and report it as lost to us within 60 calendar days of purchase. Depending on your location, courier selection, and any history of similar problems, we’ll work to help resolve this issue. Orders that haven’t been reported within 60 calendar days will not be eligible for refund.

Package Loss:

If your parcel is being returned to sender due to any reason such as: Unclaimed, Incomplete/Insufficient Address, Denied Entry by Customs, Prohibited/Banned items, or being Refused only once the parcel arrives back to our facility will a refund for the purchase price of the products minus the shipping cost and minus a 15% restocking fee be issued. Before a refund is granted, the parcel must be checked in at our facility. You may be responsible for return shipping fees. Unfortunately, unless the order is returned back to our warehouse in an undamaged and resalable condition, we cannot issue a refund. We cannot be held responsible for delays and transit times if your parcel is being returned. Refunds issued will be for the cost of the merchandise only minus a 15% restocking fee; shipping costs will not be reimbursed.


Clarke Bioscience cannot be held responsible for any laws or regulations that result in Customs applying additional cost to your order, whether tax or duties, nor any related delivery delays or seized products. In the event additional fees are assessed to your order, your local Customs authority will contact you directly.

By ordering from Clarke Bioscience, you agree to our policies above. Clarke Bioscience reserves the right to change these policies at any time, and we also retain the right to refuse service to any customer at our sole discretion.