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OsteoBLAST works to support skeletal growth and bone mass. The individual components also support healthy cartilage and lubricity, promoting overall joint comfort.

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OsteoBLAST™ is a precise blend of vitamins and supplements which work to drive the body to support bone health.
Individual components of OsteoBLAST™ have been shown in peer-reviewed studies to promote healthy joints.
*Contains shellfish

OsteoBLAST™ is Designed to:

  • Support strong bones
  • Helps support already normal bone density
  • Support joints and their cartilage structures, promoting its cushioning and lubricating qualities
  • Support cartilage metabolism for healthy joints
  • Provide important vitamins and supplements for overall skeletal health
  • Help support bone formation and osteoblast lining

Why OsteoBLAST™?

Support Bone Health

OsteoBLAST™ promotes bone formation with a precise blend of vitamins and supplements.

Promotes Strong Bones

OsteoBLAST™ drives the body’s biochemical mechanisms to support already normal bone density and strong bones.


Healthy Joints

Supports healthy cartilage and lubricity, promoting joint comfort.

Made In the USA from Globally Sourced Ingredients

OsteoBLAST™ was formulated, developed, and tested in Houston, TX, and it is always manufactured in the US using premium ingredients.

How Does OsteoBLAST™ Work?

Supporting the breakdown and building of new bone is a complex and fascinating process. The goal is to stimulate the DNA of the osteoblast, the body’s very own bone-making cell, to start the normal process of creating new bone.

The Bone Makers

Vitamin D3

  • Stimulates the osteoblast and increases calcium absorption.

Vitamin A

  • Promotes calcium absorption, metabolism, and the development of osteoblasts.

Vitamin K2

  • Stimulates and supports cartilage, increasing the amount of lubricated joint fluid produced in your body.

What Happens With
OsteoBLAST™ In Your Body

Vitamin D3 stimulates the osteoblast, turning it into a gooey substance called osteocalcin.

Afterwards, Vitamin D3 combines with vitamin A, K2 and thyroid hormone (not included in OsteoBLAST®) to form what is called a “heterodimer.”

This heterodimer, stimulates the DNA of the osteoblast which begins to pull calcium into the bone matrix of the gooey osteocalcin, solidifying the new bone.

New bone can’t be made without the chemicals, Vitamin A, D, and K2. When these are present in the body, the osteoblast has no choice but to make new, strong bones.

How To Take OsteoBLAST™

Take 2 capsules once per day or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I take OsteoBLAST™?

    The ingredients in OsteoBLAST™ were hand-selected by Dr. Clarke to support the body’s bone building process and to support health bones and cartilage.

  • Can OsteoBLAST™ support my child’s bone health?
    We don’t recommend giving any of our products to children under the age of 15, and even in those cases, we strongly advise that you seek the council of a pediatrician. OsteoBLAST contains high amounts of vitamins D, A, and K2 that could potentially be too much for a child’s system to process.

  • If OsteoBLAST™ has vitamin K2 in it, is it safe to take with blood thinners?
    If you are on blood thinners, it is advisable to have your clotting factors monitored by your primary care provider and discuss whether vitamin K2 is appropriate for you.

  • What is the Strontium used for in OsteoBLAST™?
    Strontium is an element that forms a “scaffold” in the bone matrix for the new osteoblasts to adhere to where active bone remodeling is taking place. The Strontium Citrate supplement has been studied extensively and proven to support bone health, which is why Dr. Clarke decided to include it in his formula.

  • Does OsteoBLAST® contain Thyroid Hormone?
    OsteoBLAST does not contain any thryroid hormone. A person’s thyroid levels should be checked by their doctor to determine if they are deficient, and if they are, the physician will generally prescribe thyroid for them.

  • “Many people are looking for additional bone support outside of a typical calcium product. Through my study of the DNA biochemistry of bone’s natural modeling process, I found that specific vitamins and supplements support bone health.”

    Dr. Lewis Clarke

    13 reviews for OsteoBLAST®

    1. Judy S (verified owner)

      I was introduced to OsteoBlast by Dr. Clarke 6 years ago when I was recovering in a rehab-hospital. I immediately ordered OsteoBlast and have been on it every since. I will be 78 in a few months and I have no bone or joint issues. We have stairs in our home and I am so grateful that my knees don’t hurt!
      Clarke BioScience is a great company. Brett has taken care of my orders with efficiently and care for years. I also order High-Dose Vitamin D3, 50,000IU resulting in normal laboratory numbers.. Thank you, Dr. Clarke for contributing to my health!

    2. Peggy O (verified owner)

      OsteoBLAST is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their mobility as they age. It has helped me maintain good joint comfort and flexibility after having some stiffness in my 50s. This has been a god-send.

    3. Michael T (verified owner)

      I have been using this product for the past few years and my thumbs work now and I walk pain free.

    4. Nancy W (verified owner)

      I gave OsteoBLAST a try after being unsuccessful with AlgaeCal and my friend told me to look up Dr. Clarke. I saw a video of his talking about how thyroid, vitamin d, vitamin a, and k2 work together to support bones and their density. I knew my thyroid was good so I figured I would give his formula a try. It completely reversed the issue I had! The other side effect I had was my mobility returned as well. Thankful for my friend pointing me to Dr. Clarke

    5. Frances L (verified owner)

      My doctor told me about this product for the issues I was having with my aging bones. I’m 63, post-menopausal, and needed to have my hormones checked. They got me on Thyroid meds and got me started on OsteoBLAST about 3 months ago. I will report back on what my scans show after 6-12 months.

    6. Martha W (verified owner)

      I work with my hands constantly as I’ve gotten older I’ve have struggled with stiffness in the mornings. About 2 weeks after starting OsteoBLAST my stiffness is gone. I no longer have to wait a few hours after waking up to get working. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for joint and bone health support!

    7. Lisa Marie B (verified owner)

      Something happens to you when you cross 30..grey hair strands appear, exhaustion, rickety bones…general aging issues. Back in March 2020, when I woke up, I noticed my ankles were not performing like they once used to. Repeat that for 10 months. Fast forward to January 2021 when Osteoblast was recommended to me. Now I’m totally open to trying new things once it positively affects the quality of my life and I’m telling you now that my ankles are working again!!! This product is spectacular and never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect such a response. I highly recommend Osteoblast!

    8. Susan C (verified owner)

      Game changer. Since taking OsteoBlast I’m no longer experiencing stiffness and it has improved my knee joints. It worked so well for me that I recently started my 10 year old Great Dane on canine OsteoBlast and saw results within days. It has taken a tremendous amount of pressure off his hips.

    9. Linda J (verified owner)

      Giving this a try. I refused the daily injections my endocrinologist recommended and decided to try a more natural approach to my bone health.

    10. Kim S (verified owner)

      Great!! I appreciate your quality products!

    11. Sharon S (verified owner)

      I started using OsteoBlast about two months ago at the recommendation of my sister who is using the product. I noticed a difference in my back and hip in 3 (yes, three) days! I was amazed! I have dealt with these aging issues for approximately 10-15 years, but the hip has come on in the last year or so. Moving around was difficult.

      I won’t be without OsteoBlast ever again! Thank you for giving me my life back again! I am riding a bike 9-15 miles a week. I would give more than 5 stars if I could!

    12. Jeffrey S (verified owner)

      My wife had stem cell injections in both knees and Osteoblast was recommended to her by Dr. Ambrozic of SSCI in Atlanta, GA. The product helped in and her knees are doing much better following product usage. Thank you Clarke Pharm.

    13. Janet F (verified owner)

      I have been using Clarke Pharmaceuticals Osteoblast for about 3 years. I previously had taken a similar bone supplement but was not satisfied with the product. In fact I continued to have stiffness each morning.

      After being on Osteoblast I began to notice a considerable difference after several months. Paired alongside with exercise and good nutrition I can say that Osteoblast has made all the difference. I no longer wake up with that nagging stiffness and my quality of life has improved dramatically.

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