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Our equine formula of OsteoBLAST™ helps support healthy, comfortable joints as they work and pliable bones as they age.

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As horse lovers, we know what it’s like to want the best for our steed. Many horse owners do everything they can to support bone and joint health in their pet, especially as they age. It is difficult to watch them slow down.

That’s why we set out to design the Equine OsteoBLAST™ formula. Made with the highest quality ingredients, this blend of vitamins and supplements supports healthy bone, promotes joint comfort, energy levels, and more.

Equine OsteoBLAST™ is Designed to:

  • Support bone health and density
  • Helps reduce inflammation due to exercising and day-to-day use
  • Support healthy, comfortable joints and their cartilage structures, by promoting its cushioning and lubricating qualities
  • Support cartilage metabolism for healthy joints
  • Help stimulate the bone maker (Osteoblast) and inhibit the bone dissolver (Osteoclast)
  • Helps support bone formation and osteoblast lining

Why Equine OsteoBLAST™?

Rapid Repair

Equine OsteoBLAST™ works efficiently to promote bone and cartilage health as they age.

Supports Strong Bones

Clinically shown to support the horse’s natural bone remodeling process and bone density.


Healthy Joints

Supports lubricity in cartilage, and promotes comfortable joints.

Promotes Overall Health

Equine OsteoBLAST™ helps maintain healthy hair, eyes, hooves, skin and teeth!

The Bone Makers

Vitamin D3

  • Stimulates the osteoblast and increases calcium absorption

Vitamin A

  • Improves calcium absorption, metabolism, and the development of osteoblasts.

Vitamin K2

  • Supports cartilage, increasing the amount of lubricating joint fluid produced in your body.

What Happens With
OsteoBLAST™ In Your Body

Vitamin D3 stimulates the osteoblast, turning it into a gooey substance called osteocalcin.

Afterwards, Vitamin D3 combines with vitamin A, K2 and thyroid hormone (not included in OsteoBLAST®) to form what is called a “heterodimer.”

This heterodimer, stimulates the DNA of the osteoblast which begins to pull calcium into the bone matrix of the gooey osteocalcin, solidifying the new bone.

New bone can’t be made without the chemicals, Vitamin A, D, and K2. When these are present in the body, the osteoblast has no choice but to make new, strong bones.

How To Give Equine OsteoBLAST™ To Your Horse:

For Small Horses

For a 500 pound horse, mix 1/2 scoop in morning food once per day.

For Medium Sized Horses

For a 1,000 pound horse, mix 1 full scoop in morning food once per day.


For Large Sized Horses

For a 1,500 pound horse, mix 1.5 scoops in morning food once per day.

For Extra Large Sized Horses

For a 2,000 pound horse, mix 2 scoops in morning food once per day.

A Helping Hand For Your Best Friend’s Golden Years

We love our senior horses, and the special time-tested bond we share with them. That’s why it’s so important to us to see our old friends as happy, healthy and comfortable as they can be!

Equine OsteoBLAST™ is designed to help support your horse’s bone and joint comfort well into their golden years.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Equine OsteoBLAST™ come as a pill or powder?

    Equine OsteoBLAST™ comes as a powder with an included dosing scoop. Depending on the size of the horse, one bottle of Equine OsteoBLAST™ could last as long as 2 months.

  • My horse is well into their senior years. Will this help them stay active?
    The combination of vitamins and supplements that are used in Equine OsteoBLAST™ seem to really help the older horses due to their bodies not producing or absorbing these vitamins and supplements as much as they once did.

  • Equine OsteoBLAST™ looks like it has higher amounts of certain ingredients than the human version. Why is this?
    Certain ingredients like Vitamin D are important to supplement in higher quantities per pound in horses because their fur prevents their skin from absorbing Vitamin D from sunlight like humans do.

    A horse’s liver also metabolizes the ingredients differently than a human, which is why these numbers are different.

  • My horse is entering their golden years. Will this help them?
    Our customers use Equine OsteoBLAST to help support bone heath and joint comfort in horses as they age and have seen great results.

  • Would you recommend this for general maintenance of my horse's overall health?
    Absolutely! The vitamins and supplements provided are meant to establish a foundation of health for each horse.

  • Does this support ligament health?
    Yes. Equine OsteoBLAST is designed to help cartilage, ligaments, and soft tissue as well as promote joint health in your horse as they age.

“Horses need support for their bones and joints as they age. Just like humans, they benefit from the chemistry of vitamins and supplements that help promote strong healthy bones and lubricity of ligaments and cartilage. This is very helpful in helping them maintain their overall quality of life as they age.”

Dr. Lewis Clarke


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