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Neupanex  Starter 10-Pack
Neupanex  Starter 10-Pack
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Neupanex Starter 10-Pack

10-Pack Quick Start to Mental Clarity Again!

10 Day Quick-Start

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Regenerate Your Brain's Health and Remove Mental Fog!

Our groundbreaking nutraceutical, Neupanex, is a combination of naturally occurring supplements that help to support the brain’s natural repair mechanisms.

Neupanex is a once-per-day dietary supplement that contains a precise blend of “neuro-nutrients” to enable the body to convert endogenous stem cells to neurons to support new connections within the brain.

Through our introductory system, you can discover first hand how beneficial Neupanex may be for your mental health!

Our Starter 10-pack of Neupanex is your quick start path towards better mental health!

The Ingredients

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an important vitamin that is produced in citrus fruits and vegetables. For our bodies metabolic functions to work, Vitamin C is necessary. Vitamin C assists in many different ways, from helping build blood vessels and maintaining the body, to supporting heart, immune eye and skin health

Vitamin D
Most research suggests that Vitamin D supports immune and upper respiratory health

Vitamin K2
Vitamin K2 plays a role in blood clotting, calcium metabolism and heart health. K2 helps support cardiovascular and bone health.

Our bodies utilize folate to create DNA and RNA, it is also necessary to metabolize amino acids, which allows for cell division. Folate helps the body and brain grow, develop and stay healthy.

Vitamin B-12
B-12 is an essential vitamin as the body requires it to function. We use vitamin B12 for it’s benefits to brain health, function, fatigue and overall well-being.

Zinc provides important support to our immune system and it helps the body to grow and maintain itself. This vitamin is commonly called an “essential trace element,” because small amounts of zinc are necessary for our bodies to function.

Get your 10 Day Quick Start 10-Pack for only $89.99 and FREE Shipping

For over 20 years ,individual’s have used Dr. Clarke’s Neupanex to support cognitive and motor health, while also helping with occasional social anxiousness.

Let us help you develop a better you!

Your Brain Health Is Just A Click Away
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is Neupanex® covered under insurance?

Most medical plans do not cover dietary supplements but you can check with your insurance company

2. What is Neupanex®?

Neupanex® is a proprietary combination of ingredients endogenous (naturally occurring) in the brain and is designed to support brain and cognitive function processes.

3. How does Neupanex® work?

Neupanex® targets specific places in the brain by supporting and promoting:

*Scavenging of free radicals

*Support of healthy cells

*Provide antioxidant support.

*Neuron to neuron communication at the cellular level

*Growth and development of nervous system tissue

*Facilitation of natural brain function

4. Can I take Neupanex® with other medications?

The components of Neupanex® are generally safe ingredients and should not interfere with other medications. However, you should consult with your physician prior to using Neupanex®

5. Are there any side effects with Neupanex®?

The most common side effects from taking Neupanex® is occasional upset stomach due to the amounts of vitamins and supplements that make up the compound. Some people who have allergies to B Vitamins have reported a rash. Neupanex® does make some people quite sleepy, so we recommend that they take Neupanex® prior to bed.

6. How long does it take Neupanex® to work and what results will I see?

As with all dietary supplements, it takes time before you will see any benefit from taking the products. We recommend that you try it for at least 30-days.

7. How much does Neupanex® cost?

We have introductory 10-Packs for $49.99 and a 30-day Pack for $149.99. Clarke Bioscience offers discounts for anyone purchasing the 30-day pack using our monthly auto-ship feature for 10% off.

8. Why does Neupanex® cost so much?

Neupanex® contains a highly bio-available and scientifically structured blend of over 23 different anti-oxidants, neuro-nutrients, and nutraceuticals. The cost of finding each ingredient and recreating Neupanex would not only increase the buyer’s price by approximately double, but will require swallowing over 30 pills per day. The specific ratios of each ingredient to one another is the most important part of how Neupanex works synergistically with the brain’s biochemistry.

9. Can I replace my current regimen of vitamin supplements with Neupanex®?

Many supplements and nutraceuticals could be eliminated from your regimen by taking Neupanex®.

"Neupanex is the culmination of my four decades of work and research inside the chemistry of the human brain. Formulated to include natural compounds demonstrated in current scientific publications to support brain health. I believe it is the best neurocognititve supplement for your brain.”
Dr. Lewis Clarke