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Customer Reviews

A 6 Year-Old Traumatic Brain Injury and the Neupanex® Effect

This man suffered a fractured skull, and a frontal brain bleed when he was a victim of the "Knock-out Game" 6 years ago. After struggling for six years with his speech, vertigo, and social interactions, we performed a WAVi EEG to assess the damage. He was then started on the Neupanex protocol, and followed up with more EEG imaging to see just how quickly Neupanex supported the rebuilding of his brain. The results are astounding.

Using Neupanex® On Post Concussive Disorder

NFL wide receivers sustain an average of 49 concussions during a regular season. Every concussion is a closed head injury similar to being in a bad auto accident. Their brains’ neurons leak harmful phosphorus, killing off neighboring brain cells with each impact. This ultimately leads to CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), with the same symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Courtney Hawkins played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a wide receiver. The concussions he sustained during his years in the NFL have taken a toll on his brain as he has aged. This is Courtney and his wife Candace’s testimonial as to how Neupanex® has helped him heal both physically and emotionally from repetitive head trauma.

When a Parent Has Dementia

When your parent is diagnosed with dementia, and the neurologist’s tests confirm your fears, where do you turn? Monica and her family tried Neupanex®. When they went back for a follow-up exam, they were shocked.

Using Neupanex® On a Recent Concussion

When 13 year old competitive cheerleader Autumn sustains a massive concussion, her parents are desperate to find something to get their daughter back. Autumn explains how her debilitating headaches and heightened visual input impaired her ability to do schoolwork, and take part in the sport she loves. Watch how Neupanex® helped her catch up on her schoolwork, and get back into cheerleading!

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Using Neupanex® To Address Dementia

Bill Turner started exhibiting the warning signs for early onset dementia. His wife Toni is a speech therapist who diagnoses neurological defecits in the rehabilitation hospitals. She was keenly aware of the red flags that Bill was showing, so she called Dr. Clarke to see how Neupanex® could help her husband.

Using Neupanex® On a Spinal Cord Injury

Julius was shot four times by a “friend”. One of the most devastating bullet wounds was to his spinal cord, severing his spine. This left Julius completely paralyzed from mid-stomach down. His legs were completely flacid with absolutely no tone or twitch. Julius was sent to the rehabilitation hospital where he received the Neupanex® protocol along with some traditional physical therapies.

Nine months later, his therapist told him to try and move his legs. What happened next began a cascade of improvements in motor function. Watch to see Julius’ journey from a paralyzed former gang member to reformed born-again believer regaining his mobility.



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