Best Supplements and Ingredients for Brain Health 2021


  1. What is Brain Health
  2. The Importance of Supplementation for Optimal Brain Performance
  3. Do Brain Supplements Actually Work?
  4. What Brain Health Supplements Are Currently Out There?
  5. What Ingredients Are Necessary for Brain Optimization?
  6. Why Neupanex Is The Best Choice
  7. What People Are Saying About Neupanex

Students facing exam season and older adults looking for their car keys have something in common. They are probably worried about memory. Our brain is a potent learning machine, and computers are no match to our capacity, but who wouldn’t like to upload data to the brain without losing a byte of information?

Science fiction has artificial intelligence and limitless pills. Is there anything similar in real life?

In this article, we’re exploring the field of brain health and the ingredients you want to try for better cognition. At the end, we will introduce the best supplement in our opinion for brain health according to our research after considering the best ingredients on the market today.

What is Brain Health?

The brain has different functions, and brain health encompasses various aspects, from emotions and mood to memory and problem solving. A healthy brain completes its tasks without any imbalance or setback. Its chemical levels and neurotransmitters are in control, and its structure remains intact and ready to respond appropriately.

In simple terms, a healthy brain won’t give you memory issues. It will respond appropriately when trying to solve a problem and make socialization easier by stabilizing your mood. It’s a lot to ask for a relatively small organ, and we sometimes take for granted its functions:


Every second we’re awake, our brain is aware of everything around us. It is a type of cognition that does not require deep thinking but keeps us conscious of where we are and what we do.


This is by far the brain’s favorite activity. Even if you’re not trying to predict anything, your brain is constantly analyzing what to expect from the world around you. Then, it alerts you when something falls outside the norm and requires your immediate attention.


It is divided into short-term and long-term memory depending on its extent. Short-term memory is helpful to respond to immediate challenges. Long-term memory is useful to recall past experiences. They are built through neuron connections and strengthened through repetition.

Problem Solving:

The process of decision-making is very complex. It requires an intact function of the awareness, prediction, and memory functions of the brain. Awareness to evaluate our current conditions. Memory to remember and put in a context our previous experience. And prediction to assess possible future events in response to what we do. It is a very complex function, indeed.


We are social creatures, and the brain has an emotional and deeply social core. Facial recognition, verbal and non-verbal language and emotions have all special structures inside the brain. Neurotransmitters are also essential to modulate our emotional response.

The Importance of Supplementation for Optimal Brain Performance

The functions listed above are constantly compromised. The age-related decline is the most common cause of memory loss, mood swings, and problem-solving issues. But our modern world is full of bright objects. They are unexpected and often disrupt our ability to focus. Thus, even young people sometimes need a brain performance booster.

Supplementation for brain performance needs to be focused on what you need. For example:

Vitamin deficiency often causes cognitive problems:

If you’re keeping a very healthy diet, vitamin deficiency will be uncommon. However, even if you’re eating healthily, your body may not be absorbing nutrients as it should. Older adults usually have absorption problems. Younger patients may not have enough intrinsic factor to absorb important ingredients such as vitamin B12. Some minerals compromise the absorption of other nutrients, as it happens with iron and calcium. And you may have low vitamin D levels if you’re not receiving enough sunlight. Vitamin supplements can be useful in such cases.

Distractions are always around:

Memory problems in a young and healthy brain are often due to distractions. They may compromise an older adult’s memory issues even further. Certain supplements known as nootropics can help you increase your attention span and avoid distractions. They may also reduce the sensation of stress, which is a distraction by itself. Some supplements may also increase our alertness levels by directly stimulating the nervous system.

Life events can cause different types of problems:

Over the course of life, there can be any number of events that take place that have a detrimental effect on the healthy tissue of our brain. These detriments can be caused by external events, internal events that cannot be prevented or prolonged malnutrition. In such cases, supplements are mainly used to help improve brain blood flow and address concerns and symptoms shown by nutritional deficiencies. They may also facilitate the stimulation of neural connections or support healthy brain activity, which is what one of our brain supplements that we suggest, is currently indicating in the research.

Do Brain Supplements Actually Work?

There is no “Limitless pill” in real life, but many supplements actually boost brain functions. They are called nootropics, and the term is becoming very popular lately. There are different types depending on what you need, and many of them are based on solid scientific evidence:

Vitamin supplements for the brain:

A review published in the journal “Drugs” analyzed evidence from over 100 sources and concluded that multivitamins could be helpful to boost brain function. A single vitamin or a restricted range of vitamins may have an effect on some people. But multivitamins have more favorable evidence, even in healthy people (1).

Herbal supplements to boost brain function:

In volume 11 of the Elsevier series “Functional and Medicinal Beverages,” there is a complete description of the studies about herbal supplements and brain function. It describes the phytochemicals found in plants: Polyphenols can reduce stress, anxiety, and cognitive decline. Flavonoids have neuroprotective effects, improve our cognition, and balance our mood. One of the most famous flavonoids is epicatechin, which is found in green tea and modulates brain function directly after traversing the blood-brain barrier (2).

Other substances to improve cognition:

Sometimes, we also see synthetic substances in brain-enhancing supplements. For example, alpha GPC (alpha-glyceryl phosphorylcholine), citicoline, or phosphatidylserine. They are designed to impact brain function and went through clinical trials before being commercialized. Alpha GPC promotes acetylcholine release in the hippocampus, where memories are recorded. It has been tested in clinical trials with promising results (3). Citicoline supplements have been recently tried with excellent results in healthy older adults (4). And a recent systematic review and meta-analysis showed preliminary evidence of symptom improvements in children with focus problems after using phosphatidylserine (5).

What Brain Health Supplements Are Currently Out There?

If you look for the most common brain health supplements, you will likely find these options:

  • Alpha Brain: This is a very popular nootropic designed to increase our alpha waves in the brain. These waves are produced in a brain free of stress, promoting cognitive function. Alpha Brain has different blends, but most of them work similarly.
  • Qualia: This nootropic supplement contains vitamins, amino acids, and herbs. Their blend is designed to maintain your focus and increase energy levels. It contains caffeine, which is a stimulant, so it is a good idea to talk to your doctor before consuming it if you have a heart condition. Stimulants should be carefully considered when addressing long-term brain health.
  • Prevagen: This is a particular nootropic that uses jellyfish proteins called apoaequorin to improve memory problems. Some people have excellent results, but this protein doesn’t have enough studies to ascertain its scientific validity.

However, the brand sometimes does not live up to expectations. If you want to have results, do not focus on the brand. Make sure that you have the exact ingredients that you need.

What Ingredients Are Necessary For brain optimization?

We only recommend ingredients for nootropics when the evidence is solid. That way, we make sure that the supplement is really making a difference in brain function, and not just giving a placebo effect.

These ingredients are perhaps the most underrated nootropics nowadays and are strongly suggested for positive brain function:

Coenzyme Q10:

Similar to the way that your car engine needs gas, mitochondria need oxygen and glucose to produce energy. It is in this organelle that cell respiration takes place. Coenzyme Q10 is a potent mitochondrial booster, and studies show that it increases mitochondrial concentrations in the brain. It also facilitates the creation of ATP, an energy molecule that powers up nerve connections and brain plasticity (6, 7). The more plasticity you have, the faster you learn.


This is a neuro-nutrient with memory-enhancing effects and anti-inflammatory potential. It is also known to reduce stress and improve mood. The beneficial impact of Pregnenolone on the brain improves immune homeostasis and degrades substances responsible for age-related cognitive issues. It is a potent neuro-nutrient and memory booster at the same time (8).


Research shows that phosphatidylserine supports cognition and memory in the elderly, slowing age-related cognitive decay. In younger and healthy patients subject to stress, this nootropic supplement enhances brain performance, inducing a more relaxed state that allows a clearer focus (9, 10).


The name is dehydroepiandrosterone, and it is also a neuro-nutrient, similar to pregnenolone. There’s an area in the brain sensitive to these kinds of substances, known as the anterior cingulate cortex. This area is connected to the hippocampus, where memories are stored. DHEA helps to recruit neurons and improves memory recollection. It also reduces stress levels as measured by salivary cortisol concentrations (11).

Why Neupanex is the best choice

Out of many nootropic supplements we have reviewed so far, the one we recommend is Neupanex.

Neupanex contains the ingredients mentioned above plus 13 others that work synergistically to provide the brain with the raw material it needs to operate at its peak. It also doesn’t include any stimulants like caffeine, which allow for a more long-term brain health approachOn top of that, a world-renowned neuroscientist with over 30 years of experience created the formula. Dr. Lewis Clarke has patents filed domestically and internationally for this proprietary blend of potent vitamins and supplements and obtaining a box is easy through their online store.

What’s more, Neupanex has been tested against WAVi EEG (electroencephalogram) results in clinical trials, and researchers have found an overall improvement in cognitive results with higher coherence scores, and increased voltage in brain activity.

As such, and with the scientific support it has, Neupanex is a trustworthy option in the nootropic market.

What people are saying about Neupanex

A reliable way to evaluate the effects of a supplement or product is by reading honest reviews by past users. After researching for users’ opinions, we came across excellent ratings and very happy customers. 

Most of them have been taking Neupanex for many years with no side effects after prolonged use. They mention an improvement in mental state, a stable mood, and a reduction of depressive symptoms. It also has a calming effect that facilitates concentration and working memory.

Many users mention the quality of life improvements, especially older adults starting to feel the effects of aging on their cognitive deficient symptoms and now they can play on gigadat casinos

Overall, user experiences, an excellent choice of ingredients, serious research and scientific evidence produced by a licensed physician and neurochemist make Neupanex one of the best nootropics on the market today.